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"I highly recommend a series of sessions with Emily. She is positive and upbeat while teaching you great things to add to your life - habits for healthier living, recipes with vegetables and fruit that are not difficult, ideas for healthy snacks and ways to eat for life. It's about gently changing habits and finding healthier ways to eat and to shop for food. You can learn about incorporating more vitamins and fresh foods into your daily eating and changing some of your old ways. Emily is easy and fun to talk to and understands that making changes takes time, but eating healthy yields great results." -Deb N.

"Emily helped me build strategies to combat my bad habits, such as eating at work prior to getting in my car, helping me design my intermittent fasting window (16-8), and set goals on to increase my athletic performance in biking, by walking when I’m not doing other sports. Emily is personable, has a good sense of humor and is inspirational in creating tasks and building strategies. I would highly recommend Emily to aid in building strategies for health and wellness. I learned a lot about myself and my body, and Emily inspired me to reach short-term and long-term goals! I will not hesitate to return for further inspiration with my future needs!" -Bruce S.